The Healing Group.
Join Dr. Dale as we begin a new chapter of Service at New Moon Haven.

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Welcome To The Center Of Hope Tucson:
Here may you find Hope and Understanding  

The Center of Hope Tucson was established in 2005 when a request was received by
Rev. Dr. Dale Hallen to help a family member with a Chronic debilitating Skeletal issue.

Through Prayer and Meditation Rev. Dale was guided to share the gifts that have been Bestowed upon him by Great Spirit, and taught by many Great Teachers.

Through these gifts, a discovery was made regarding his sister’s condition, and years of misery, dizziness and pain were eliminated and healing began.

Rev. Dale soon realized that many people must be suffering the same way, for many years of  doctoring, tests and procedures did little or nothing to help Lynn’s condition.

This event started the “New Journey”, the “New Awareness” to his path in life; To be of Service to all Creation was the Calling, to share the Gift of Hope and Recovery to those who have a Real Desire to Heal and move forward in life.

Rev. Dale continues to learn, to research and to apply new knowledge that will be of benefit to All Living Things. He has been Blessed to share this Wonderful work with many people over the years, and continues this work with a Glad and Grateful Heart.

“Many people have trusted their intuition and contacted The Center of Hope Tucson and the Miracle of Healing has been restored to a great many of them. It fills me with Joy and Honor to be of Service.”  (Rev. Dale Hallen)

Rev. Dale Hallen is a Doctor of Metaphysics and is not trained in Western Medicine. He is not attempting to diagnose nor treat disease. His goal is to teach, to share, to empower clients to better Health and Wellness.

“I offer you Many Blessings my Friends.”

Rev. Dr. Dale Hallen D.M.
The Center of Hope Tucson

To Learn More

Energetic Healing

Discover how to connect
with your body’s subtle energy systems and learn how to eliminate the causes of disease, discomfort and disassociation.  

Pendulum Divination

This ancient method for measuring the body’s subtle energies can help guide you in recognizing the hidden or underlying causes of illness and disease.

Rev. Dale Hallen

I am honored to offer these energetic services to those who desire to make a commitment to self healing  and who wish to learn how to move forward with their lives. 


Energetic Healing For Animals

Our pets and work animals are often like members of the family. When they get ill or stressed they can not tell us how they feel or what is troubling them. Divination can bridge that gap to gain a better understanding and obtain relief.

              Contact The Center of Hope Tucson by email or (520) 270 - 1312 -  Map To Center


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